"How To Maximize Your Veterans Disability Benefits!"
(A Strategy For Increasing Your Veterans Rating)


     The secret to separating your case from others, learning if your case has a chance of winning is interview at least one ROCK solid Veterans Benefits Attorney and use the information I sent you from this course.

     Now Don't Freak Out...
when you read the word Attorney because ....I'm not an attorney and I'm not advocating you need. 

What I'm advocating is that an interview with a REALLY GOOD veterans attorney will help you maximize your chances of winning because in your interview you'll..

   ->  Learn if you have a chances of getting the rating you desire,
   ->  Discover possible weakness in your case, 
   ->  Uncover new evidence to strengthen your case,
   ->  Learn if professional representation is worth it...
   ->  Find out all the back benefits you're entitled to,     

       All of which will help you maximize your chances of winning! 

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Here's how it works...

     Regardless if you have not filed, have filed and are waiting or have been denied we have located we will find a veterans attorney for you to speak with by phone at no charge. 

   There attorney will review your case, answer your questions and there is no obligation to use that attorney or any attorney for representation.  

     If an attorney tells you they would be interested in representing you, that's good news for you!!! ...because it typically means your case has good chance of winning.   

     The main reason for this is the attorney only get paid if they win you benefits.  They will not take the risk of pursuing a case that does not have a chance of being approved. 

     If the attorney tells you that they are not interested in representing your case, you now know that there is a problem with your case.  

     If this happens, ask the attorney why your case is weak? what can you do to strengthen your case?  

     Once you understand if you have a case, then review your options of advancing your case with legal representation or advancing the case individually with the information from this mini course…

     In an effort to narrow the field and safe guard you from bad or unspecialized attorney's, members of have the Disability Digest have interviewed and selected some of the best Veterans Benefit attorneys in the US.

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     So as you interview different attorney's, learn as much as you can about your case, if you have one, do you need additional evidence, and any weakness.  Then, decide if you want to advance you case on your own or with and attorney...

     While I cannot guarantee that you will be approved if you follow the suggestions in this mini-course, I can tell you that this information will help you provide accurate, relevant and complete information to help you maximize your chances of increasing your Veterans Benefit rating.                 

Complete the form below to interview a Veterans attorney and maximize your chances of winning!


What branch of the service were you in?

What year did you start service?

What year did you end service?

What was your military occupation?

What type of discharge did you receive?

If your are receiving VA benefits what is your rating?

Are you currently being treated by a doctor for your disability?

Have you received a denial from the VA within the 2 years?

If you have been denied what was the date of denial?

Are you currently working?

If you are not working please explain why are
you not working?

Have you applied for Social Security Disability Benefits?

      Thanks you for putting your trust in me to help you win your veterans benefits. I won't let you down.

Helping You Win,

Brian Therrien

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